• Adobe After Effects

    Basic Training


You will achieve these learning objectives:

  • Getting to know the Adobe After Effects software
  • Tips and tricks for compositing

The most important key data at a glance:

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 2-3 days (depending on previous knowledge)
  • Course language: German
  • Location: D/A/CH area
  • Your coach: Peter Heynen


  • The user interface
    • The workspace
    • Change, group and align windows
    • Opening and closing windows
    • Load workspace
    • Save workspace
    • Restore workspace
  • Create a project
    • Project settings for various tasks
      Footage timecode, color space, audio settings
  • Create and name a new composition
    • Composition settings
    • Import footage and place it in a composition
    • Interpret footage
    • Create a composition from footage
    • Reproduce composition
    • Preview options
    • Display options
    • Structure the project
  • Text and animation
    • Create text
    • Text and paragraph window
    • Transform and animate layers
  • Working with layers
    • Duplicate layers and arrange image elements
    • Level hierarchy
    • Level switch
    • Layer modes
    • Create sub-composition
    • Animation with sub-compositions
  • Quick effects 1
    • Fast blur (Blur)
    • Luminaires and light strips (CC Light Sweep)
    • Light rays (CC Light Rays) and light wipe
  • Color surfaces and form planes
    • Create color area
    • The “Gradient” effect
    • Different types of form levels
    • The properties of the form level
    • Animate shape layers: Color, roundness, path
  • File output
    • Render options
  • Masks and paths
    • Create a mask (pencil, shapes)
    • Mask parameters
    • Create a path
    • Paths and form levels
    • Turning paths into movement
    • Motion masks
    • Masking effects
  • Exercise material during the workshop
  • Detailed handout
  • Effects overview
  • Certificate of participation
  • Feedback forms for evaluation
  • on request and for an additional charge: Classroom in a Book “After Effects”
  • Media professionals with post-production skills
  • Apprentices, trainees and interns with post-production skills
  • Knowledge of image and sound post-processing
  • Television basics


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