• Creation of motion graphics templates


Since the release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, the Motion Graphics templates integrated in AfterEffects work very well with Premiere.

The templates are very easy to use in Premiere and allow any producer or editor to create and customize even complex graphic overlays without any knowledge of After Effects. As the templates are initially created in After Effects, expressions are generally used there to make handling in Premiere as easy as possible and to create the desired look. If you do not have enough experience in programming templates with Expressions, we will be happy to do it for you. Our experienced team of AfterEffects specialists has already created a number of templates for companies and we are happy to bring our experience to your projects. Thousands of lines of code are often required to implement a complex functionality in a motion graphics template. Renowned broadcasters and production houses have been relying on our expertise for years.

We also develop solutions for the automation of content creation, e.g. versioning, subtitling, graphic packaging, etc.

The advantages of Motion Graphics templates:

  • Everything can be created exactly according to CI specifications. Colors, fonts, font sizes, animations and placement can be adapted exactly to your design guide.
  • The templates are very easy to use in Adobe Premiere and are self-explanatory. The application saves a lot of time as there is no need to transfer the project to AfterEffects. You will receive a quick guide for each template, which you can hand out to your team. It also describes how you can easily install the Motion Graphics templates on your editing systems.
  • You determine which parameters may and may not be changed by a producer or editor (font size, font color, line breaks, etc.). This means that the result always looks the same and corresponds to your CI specifications – regardless of who worked on the project. You can be sure and avoid a lot of stress!
  • The integration of animated graphics has never been easier.

Our cooperation:

In order to create the motion graphics templates for you, we need your company’s CI package (logos, fonts, standards, design guide, etc.). Next, we discuss what the templates should look like and which animations and automated functions should be included. On this basis, we can make you an offer and if you are happy with it, you will have your design templates in your hands just a few days later. In between, of course, there are acceptance stages so that you ultimately get exactly the result you want. Because we are only satisfied if you are.

Would you like to create your own Motion Graphics templates, but don’t know how to do it yet?

Then we can support you and your team with special training geared towards this topic. Together we create the first templates so that the participants are then able to create the required templates themselves.

If you are not dependent on templates created exclusively for you, there are now also a large number of AfterEffects design templates already created (e.g. on Adobe Stock) that you can fall back on. We can also customize these according to your wishes.

We are at your disposal!


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