• Avid MediaComposer



You will achieve these learning objectives:

  • Getting to know the Avid effects
  • Using the Avid effects
  • Tips and tricks for advanced editing and effects processing
  • Workflow tips for effect editing

The most important key data at a glance:

  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 2 – 3 days (depending on previous knowledge)
  • Dates: by arrangement
  • Location: D/A/CH area
  • Your trainer: Wolfgang A. Hess


A. Theoretical introduction

1. introduction

2. effects
2.1. Effect types
2.1.1. Transition effects (dissolve, fade in/out, wipes, dip to color,…)
2.1.2. Segment effects (3D Warp, PiP, ColorCorrection,…)
2.1.3. Horizontal and vertical effects, nesting / layering
2.1.4. Structure, use and management of effects (keyframes, grid, saving, fade effect function…)
2.1.5. Definitions of terms: Key/Fill/Layer

2.2. The effects palette

2.3. The effect mode

2.4. Effect editing in the Effect Editor

2.5. Movement effects
2.5.1. Freeze frame
2.5.2. Slomo (Motion Effect Editor)
2.5.3. Strobe
2.5.4. Dynamic slomo (timewarp)

2.6. Title
2.6.1. Background: Video and color area
2.6.2. Tools in the Title Tool – color, transparency and shadows
2.6.3. Graphical objects (grouping)
2.6.4. Layering
2.6.5. Working with text
2.6.6. Animation: Roll/crawl title
2.6.7. Titles and effects: 3D titles (Soften Shadow,…)
2.6.8. External fill for titles

3. 2 D-/3 D-effects, effect setup

3.1. Keyframe models: Basic Keyframer and Advanced Keyframer

3.2. “Invisible” Effects: Region Stabilize, Scratch Removal/Eraser, Color Correction,…

3.3. Paint effect – use and filters (drawing tools, brushes, magic mask)

4. nesting / auto-nesting

5. layering

6. keys

6.1. Luminance key

6.2. Chroma key

6.3. Matte Key (Real Time Moving Matte)

6.4. AniMat

6.5. Plug ins: RGB-Keyer / Ultimatte

7. video/audio mixdowns

8. rendering

8.1. Render from In to Out

8.2. Expert Render

8.3. Partial rendering

8.4. Submaster

9. plug ins

10. import of files and sequences

11. export of sequences and stills

12. collapsing

13. data management

B. Practical part

Four practical exercises (real projects) are given with corresponding exercise material.

  • Exercise material during the workshop
  • Detailed handout (approx. 130 pages)
  • Effects overview
  • Participant DVD with instructions, video tutorials, checklists, workflow overviews, etc.
  • Certificate of participation
  • Feedback forms for evaluation
  • Junior editors
  • Editors
  • VJs
  • Trainees and interns
  • Trainees
  • all media professionals (as an info workshop)
  • Basic knowledge of Avid MediaComposer
  • Knowledge of image and sound post-processing
  • Television basics


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